Friday was a fun day for CRS, Howell Construction, and Denver Health’s Capital Construction and Facility Maintenance Teams. We all gathered outside Denver Health’s Main Campus, located in the heart of Denver, for lunch and conversation.  CRS Denver Health

It was a way to say “Thank You” to the Denver Health professionals for all that they do. Denver Health Hospital Authority is a 525 bed acute care hospital serving a large portion of Denver County’s population. To ensure they live up to their motto “level one care for all,” Denver Health’s Capital Construction and Facility Maintenance teams work tirelessly to maintain, improve, and erect buildings that support the hospital system.

These teams focus on the life safety and environment of care within each building so that the doctors, nurses, and specialists can focus on the patient and know that they are in a clean, safe environment prime for recovery.

Thank you Denver Health for all that you do! And thank you to all the other Healthcare Systems who support our community.


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