When a property has an unexpected fire, no matter what thCRS fire damage restoratione cause, the devastation and damage can be extensive.  Fire departments and residents count on CRS to help.  CRS teams are often called out immediately after residential and commercial fires. We secure a property and work to minimize the damage.  A quick and expert response can save your property and your valuables.

Our 24/7 emergency response crews are trained in fire damage restoration.  CRS teams have worked with fire departments to prepare and understand the damage fire and smoke can cause.   CRS provides the following support services for you:

  • Structural Assessment and Reinforcement: The stability of your property can be affected by a fire and may not be obvious by sight. You need an experienced and trained team to know when it is safe to enter a property and when the structure needs further stabilization.CRS Fire Stabilization
  • Board-up and Fencing: It is important to secure the property, so no vandalism or theft will occur while restoring your home or business.
  • Content Cleaning: CRS will quickly remove valuables in order to assess what items are salvageable. Your property will be protected in our secure warehouse while our professional staff cleans all salvageable items.
  • Personal Care: CRS will make sure you have temporary housing or a place to go while you are displaced. Our professional staff will coach you through the insurance and documentation process so you know where to start. Our team will make sure you are taken care of during this overwhelmingly devastating time.
  • Mitigation: CRS will use Institute of Inspection Cleaning and restoration (IICRC) standards to perform a deep cleaning and disinfectant of all areas affected by smoke, fire, and water.
  • Demolition and Build Back: CRS will assess the damage, remove building materials that are beyond repair, and build your property back to its original state. We are a one-stop-shop and are here to support you and your loved ones from start to finish.

Call today if you need help with a fire and need our expert services and support!


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