What is Firestop?

Commercial buildings call out for fire and smoke rated walls to stop the spread and limit the damage caused by a fire.  Therefore, proper firestop ensures that these walls are sealed tight.  According to fire code, contractors have to properly fill holes created by all construction trades on a fire rated wall.

CRS and Firestop

Underwriter's Laboratories UL Certified FirestopCRS’ teams come with ten years of work and training in proper firestop seals. We are identified as a Qualified Firestop Contractor by the UL Underwriters Laboratories which is a very rare certification.  And our employees are both Hilti and STI trained.  We pride ourselves on being a strong resource to owners and building partners.  CRS provides the following services:

  • Third Party Services: General contractors can separate firestop as a scope of work within their contract.  CRS will work with the trades to seal off all holes before a project ends. Because of this, an owner knows that all firestopping is done right the first time!
  • Survey and Track: We will walk every square foot of rated walls and document issues.  This survey serves as a tool for owners.  They can create a plan to repair issues with a budget and schedule. Common issues found in audits include
    • unsealed open joints,
    • blank open holes,
    • unsealed pipe and duct holes,
    • multiple products on one seal, or
    • unsealed cable holes.
  • Find and Fix: CRS is hired to find, track and repair firestop issues within an area. Once a project is complete, we provide the owner with a nice package that includes before and after photos of services.

“During the Platte County Memorial Hospital (Wheatland, WY) tJC Survey, the life safety engineer was impressed with the process/methodology that was used in the Fire Stopping process CRS uses.  Thank you again for all the work you do and helping us to maintain a safe environment for our patients, staff, and hospitals.”

Patrick C.

Regulatory Consultant, Banner Health