CRS FireFire in buildings can be catastrophic.  Buildings such as hospitals, apartments and schools have been designed to contain fires to a small area.  This helps minimize the smoke and fire damage to nearby areas, property, and most importantly people.  CRS works hard to ensure these contained areas are properly sealed or what is known as “firestopped”.

In Colorado, CRS is fortunate to have Kurtis Brewer managing all firestop jobs.  He has Kurtis Brewer CRSbeen working with CRS for over six years.  Kurtis started out as a field technician and understands all aspects of the industry. He has extensive knowledge of the healthcare and school environments, working within buildings which require strong infection control and regulatory safety.  Kurtis has three foremen and several technicians which round out his teams ready to help you protect your building today.

Thomas Porras leads our firestop efforts in Arizona.  He has been with CRS for over five years and rose through the ranks from a technician position.  Thomas has supervised teams that have worked extensively in hospitals, surveying the facilities and helping clients stay ahead of Joint Commission and regulatory agency audits.  Thomas has four lead technicians and many junior technicians that take great pride in sealing up all breaches in fire walls.

We are very proud of both of these strong leaders as well as the numerous firestop teams that work each day to ensure that fire and smoke will not spread. Contact us today to survey your facility for firestop deficiencies. (Colorado) or (Arizona)


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