Five Easy Tips to Minimize Water Damage

Jun 21, 2016


Monsoons Are Coming.  Be Prepared!

Monsoon Season Heavy Rain

Monsoon rains can move in quickly.

These sudden storms hit with a great amount of water in a short time and can lead to a costly water emergency!  These five tips will help you be prepared to protect your property from water damage.

Tip 1. Check Your Gutters

  • Clogged Rain Gutter

    Clogged gutters increase risk of home water damage.

    Gutters only work if they are installed properly and clean and free of debris.

  • Your downspout should be positioned and affixed properly.
  • Water should drain far enough away from your property so the ground.
  • Immediately surrounding it won’t become waterlogged and lead to water leaking in.
  • Grab a hose, check your drainage and if needed, a CRS water specialist can see if your property needs any additional drainage help.

Tip 2. Create a Water Intrusion Kit

In a water emergency where water is flooding into your property, a water intrusion kit can minimize damage until CRS, your 24/7 emergency response team, arrives.  Put your kit together now:

water damage extraction

Flood water extraction.

  • Sandbags to block water from vulnerable areas.
    • Small enough to quickly carry and place in vulnerable areas.
    • Store in a dry spot.
    • Contact CRS today for help with sandbags.
  • Shop vacuums can remove water quickly.
  • Towels and rags to soak up or block water.
  • Trashcan or trash bags safely store wet materials or to protect dry items from water.
  • Have professional contacts handy.
    • Your insurance agent’s number
    • CRS for a 1 hour emergency response.

Tip 3. Review Your Water Damage Insurance

Check with your insurance agent to see if you have flood coverage in your policy. Water intrusion insurance coverage, in most cases, can help cover the cost of water damage clean-up as well as cover the cost of repairs or replacement to the parts of your property that were damaged.

Tip 4. Cover Your Basement Wells

Basement well covers help to move water away from the window and toward the surrounding ground so that it can be absorbed and the window can remain free of moisture. It is extremely important these are installed and maintained since monsoons can hit with very little notice.  Water damage in a basement is the #1 water response CRS’ 24/7 emergency response teams see.

Tip 5. Consider a Basement Sump Pump

It is a great idea to have a sump pump installed to ensure your basement stays dry all year round. Testing your sump pump regularly can mean the difference between a pump that is going to perform when you need it and one that falls flat.  CRS’s 24/7 emergency water response team can bring a water extractor to your property within 1 hour and have the same effect.

Call CRS 24/7 Emergency Response Team

As soon as our emergency response center receives your call, a crew tailored to your specific needs is immediately dispatched to diagnose the situation and begin the clean-up process. Your CRS team will prevent further damage to your home, office or belongings. From initial response through complete property restoration, we keep in constant communication to provide customer satisfaction.

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