Monitoring Services

CRS employs safety managers who have attended Joint Commission Interim Life Safety and Environment of Care training. We made this investment, to ensure that our safety managers have integral knowledge of the safety issues specific to healthcare. Not only do our safety managers serve as a resource to our field staff, but they also serve as a valuable resource to owners who operate healthcare systems. Our trained professionals can help an owner be proactive, by providing the following services: 

•  Firestop Surveys

•  Environment of Care/Life Safety Surveys

•  Indoor Air Quality Surveys

•  Illumination Surveys

•  Noise Monitoring

•  Positive/Negative Pressure Room Testing

•  Anesthetic Waste Gas Sampling

•  Elevator Machine Room Inspections

•  Elevator Firefighter Emergency Operations (FEO) Testing

•  Hazardous Waste Accumulation Inspection and Inventory

“As always, good catches and observations.”

Patrick C.

Regulatory Consultant