Multi-Family Water Damage

Water intrusion and flooding in multi-family dwellings can affect a large number of units and floors. Severe multi-family water damage to a building can have bad effects on personal property and can be crippling to a tenants daily routine. As a tenant, this is a horrible tragedy. As a property manager, this can be an extremely stressful time.

Let CRS eliminate that stress!  Our trained professionals will respond quickly, extract the water and repair any damage as quickly as possible. We do away with the need for multiple contractors. We can repair the water issue (leaky pipe, roof, building envelope defect, etc.), extract all water, repair damages caused  (including content cleaning), and disinfect the areas exposed. CRS will get your tenants back to their normal routines and the property running like normal.

Multi-family water damageWhen you rely on CRS, your water damage incident is taken care of in just one phone call. This will save you time, money and maybe even a little sleep! 


“I am writing to express my appreciation regarding a recent remediation and rebuild work that CRS performed on my later father’s condo. As you recall, the condo was completely flooded as a result of a water supply line valve fracture to the master bathroom toilet and needed extensive demolition work to make the necessary repairs.  The team that worked on the rebuild project did an excellent job.”

Kristian N.

Condo Owner