Safford Arizona FloodSafford, Arizona residents woke up Sunday morning October 9, 2016 to an unwelcome sight! More than 2 inches of rain and hail measuring between 1 and 2.5 inches in diameter hit this eastern Arizona city overnight. This unexpected storm caused flooding and extensive damage to homes, cars and local schools.  Officials expected to close schools for weeks to repair the damage caused.  Arizona CRS emergency response teams didn’t let distance get in the way and jumped into action!

CRS Emergency Response TeamWith our quick response and incredible ability to work under pressure, CRS worked diligently to get the schools up and running quickly. To the delight of school officials and parents alike, CRS did an outstanding job getting the schools opened aheCRS carpet cleaningad of schedule!  CRS teams cleaned up and installed temporary drywall as quickly as humanly possible.  As time allows access to each classroom, CRS will build back each classroom better than before.

CRS understands the unique challenges of performing services in operating facilities that experience high traffic and constant use. We are accustomed to working in occupied buildings, under tight budgets and accelerated schedules to get the job done so companies and businesses can continue their jobs in a safe environment.

CRS is a One-Stop-Shop: We remove your hazards and build your facility back to its original condition.  We are here for you!  Call us today!


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